I was recently criticized by someone!

Thomas Burns

July 20, 2021


I was recently criticized by someone I have known for 25 years, a friend, an acquaintance, someone with whom I had enjoyed some beers and concerts in a time that seems like forever ago.  While we weren’t absolute best of friends, we were of the same crowd, liked mostly the same music, and had similar mindsets about freedom and good times.  I had no disrespect for the person, but they weren’t in my most recent intimate circle of influence. Even still, having conversations on social media here and there, were the typical norm. With the little social media input that I do, I try to give messages of change, positivity, healing, potentiality, spiritual connection, just enough to inspire and have the audience ask some questions. 

On this one recent occasion, I had made a quote about the power of mindset and belief, and how it has been scientifically proven to have had very interesting quantitative, repeatable results, and that science and the medical community should be finding a way to exploit and utilize the power of belief in a patient’s healing and well-being.  From there, the reply I received was of ridicule and negativity, intending to question my reasoning, sanity, and faith in status quo health advice. I was rather taken aback by the comments, and the funny thing about that moment was that I was posting it from a hospital bed, awaiting word from a Doctor, with hopes to have a prescription given to help with a major infection that came out of nowhere.

The infection left me bed ridden, and unable to contribute to the daily maintenance and functioning of our household.  I couldn’t connect to Source Energy for myself, the pain, and the fogginess that comes with pain prevented me from seeing and connecting clearly, thus leaving me feeling very alone and isolated. I couldn’t wait to start taking the pain medication that I needed and the antibiotics required to clear it up.  I was bed ridden for 8 days, and was so thankful for some relief. 

I was also told by this person that I shouldn’t be giving any kind of medical advice, or supernatural B.S. remedies, as this person had lost many people in their lives, and would have never wanted anyone selling snake oil to the unaware innocents, and taking advantage of the lies I’m selling or the beliefs I have.  


It’s these types of moments and comments that really make me sit back, slow down, and think about what it is that I do, and why or how some people out there believe what I do could be a negative thing.  


How do I explain to someone of this mindset and belief, that there’s so much more to their existence, there’s so much more to learn, and experience beyond the status quo? The answer is that I don’t have to explain anything to anyone. But if anyone is open minded enough, or curious enough to experience more than what they know or perceive, then the universe is the limit!  Once opening this door, it leads to an infinite amount of other doors, and each one of those leads to a million more!

Traditional Usui Reiki, in my opinion, is the first door you walk through. It simplistically introduces the student to the idea of energy, and simple principles, practices, and processes to allow the student to experience something more than they could have ever imagined! And it is always good. Darkness cannot enter this light realm of existence, it is just not possible, like having the wrong I.D. at the entrance of Fort Knox.  You just can’t get in.  The will and desire to learn and to allow whatever energetically needs to happen is the secret to getting the most out of energetic enlightenment, ascension, or depth of spiritual comprehension. 

Some people, like the above mentioned person, have all the possibilities in the world to be an energetic healer, a spirit medium, a psychic, a clairvoyant, a clairaudient, a master of magic, a manipulator of time and space, or simply to feel and exist in this incarnation, as a giver of love and light, feeling deeply connected and whole to something… a force much greater than themselves. It is the mindset, the prison of paradigms that prevent a legitimate change and evolution of oneself.  

So how do you change this person? How do you fix them, so to speak.  How do you show them the light?  

You don’t.  I don’t.  It’s not up to me, unless invited, or asked to demonstrate, participate, help, aid, or influence. This is their journey, and they still see themselves through the lenses of their own eyes, not through the eyes of Universal Source.     


I just send them love, and walk away. Take back any energy they may have taken, and purge myself of any that doesn’t serve me. There are almost 8 billion people on this planet.  In this case, I have 7,999,999,999 more people to heal… if they’re willing.  🙂

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Thomas Burns

Reiki Healer, Teacher, Audio Engineer, Life Coach

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