The naming of Jupiter Meridian by part two of the duo (The daughter)

Janette O'Neil Burns

July 23, 2021

When naming Jupiter Meridian the name came quite easily, it was mainly a matter of finding the correct flow.

We knew at first the name would revolve around the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the zodiac placement of success and work ethic as well as my favourite planet which coincidentally was also my zodiac chart ruler! To make it even more meaningful, the letter “J” happens to be mine and my mom’s.

Then there was the matter of the final touches of the name. Since we were playing with our initials, both of our middle names start with an “M”. You would think “Meridian” would have come to us right away, since we both have been attuned to 3 levels of Reiki, (me becoming a Master before my mom I might add), practice meditation in our house pretty regularly, it didn’t. We experimented quite a bit, mainly beginning with word generators but nothing seemed to fit.

Eventually we came across the word Meridian, with it’s meaning and ring to the entirety of the name, this was an instant YES. Meridians are placements where energy flows, throughout the world around us, other energy bodies such as plants and animals, the universe and of course ourselves. Meridians show us our wholeness in ourselves and our surroundings as energy flows as one.

With Jupiter Meridian our goal is to help everyone access the ability and knowledge to connect, discover and align themselves with energetic vibrations of crystals and meditation. Aiding in the success and wholeness to anyone who wishes to delve deeper into such practices.

Meet the Author

Janette O'Neil Burns

Mama, Wife, Birth coach, Doula, Earth Helper, Energy Lover

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