It’s Time to Expand Your Soul

And Step into the Person that You Came onto this Planet to Be

“I hope you know how incredibly important, special, and divinely connected you are, and if you don’t know that in your heart, you deserve to know that in this lifetime.”

-Thomas Burns

I know what it’s like to know there is more…

Throughout my life, I experienced so many situations that taught me that I had to let go.

I know what it’s like to lose love so many times. In my 20s, I went through years wanting to be sober; I experienced peer pressures, major illnesses, car crashes, hospital operations, and even times when I barely survived.

And as I was re-evalutating everything I was going through, I just had this deep understanding that there was something deeper down within.

Being a musician, and a performer with big dreams to help people on a macro level, I always knew that there was something more but was surrounded by systems that said don’t even try.

So this led me to becoming a rebel, where I knew that I had to understand that I had to create a mindset of my own before going into compromising situations.

And as I started opening myself up, I started experiencing these re-ocurring type of experiences including physical active meditations where I was getting instructions, outer body experiences, and other experiences in these arena that I didn’t fully understand.

And then the huge “aha moments” started to come…

In my 20s, when I entered college, I felt this strong pull towards energy, which left me to explore energy for the first time in different creeds and religions.

This exploration led me to connect to something greater and realize we are all a part of something greater than we can even comprehend. This awareness led me to reiki, the activation of energy, and working in the practice of energy.

As I started to embrace this activation of energy, the aha moments became so big and so profound that I had no choice but to accept and to believe as a result of those experiences.

They were greater than anything that I could have ever imagined and more profound than anything I experienced before.

These experiences were so true and so real that those experiences became validation for anything and everything that I could have ever dreamed of.

They allowed me to connect and be part of something greater.

So there was no choice but to say “yes” and accept the call and mission that I was given in life.

And the results of this shift led to a whole new understanding and perspective of life.

And this was

Understanding that I am secondary to something so much greater.

Understanding that we are and I am an implement of God

And we all are of that energy and first and foremost, that’s what’s most important

When you can understand, work, and think from that perspective…

…and use it as a mental and an emotional filter, that’s when you will always have great clarity and strength.

I now no longer have regrets or doubts. And that’s where I choose to operate from.

So now it’s your turn to connect to source …

And that’s start’s by letting go of everything that you feel that you must cling onto for dear life.

And release that with you which you identify with

Who you believe you actually are.

With all of the paradigms and mechanisms that have allowed you to believe all of your current beliefs.

Because the truth is there are no longer serving you.

They are preventing you from being everything that you are.

So it’s time to let go and listen.

And when you let go and allow yourself to speak to God, speak to the Universe…

And listen to God, to energy, to source.

Allow yourself to be present.

Just listen and see what comes from that listening.

If you can listen with your heart, take direction and take action based on what you hear and what is spoken to you, you are going to change lives.

You are going to change your own life and it’s going to be for the greater, for history, for historical greatness.

And that’s what we’re here to show you how to do!

Are you ready to step into the person that you came onto this planet to be? Let us guide you in figuring out the best path for you.

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