It’s Time to Heal from the Inside Out

And Reconnect Back to Your True Divine Nature

Here’s how we can help you…

Our healing modalities are one of a kind because we directly focus on healing the blockages that you experience in your energy body which are preventing you from being everything that you are.

Reiki and Ascension Healing with Tom

In this one of a kind reiki healing session and experience, you will clear any energy blockages from your energy chakras, so you can remove and release everything that no longer serves you within your energy body, and bring the divine light of source that will connect you back to your most divinely connected self.

In this session, you can expect to:

+ Release anything in your energy that is no longer serving you (i.e. energetic blockages, perceptions, mindsets, paradigms, that are preventing you from being your best, and most divinely connected self)

+ Recieve guidance on exactly what you need to do next

+ Experience such a divine connection to the source

“I hope you know how incredibly important, special, and divinely connected you are, and if you don’t know that in your heart, you deserve to know that in this lifetime.”

-Thomas Burns

Get Your Own Piece of Energetic Armour

Our One of a Kind Selection of Hand-Made Charged, Energy Healing Crystals and Jewelry are designed to pull in the fragments of your aura, healing all of your history, your past, and all of the pieces of yourself that have fragmented off in order to bring you back to wholeness. Each of our pieces are infused with healing reiki energy, and are designed to aid you personally in your own healing based on where you’re looking to experience in your own personal and spiritual growth journey.

Shop our selection of Handmade Malas

Shop our Selection of Hand-Made Charged, Energy Healing Malas intuitively designed based on one’s intentions and healing journey.

Each mala is made of 108 natural, raw, and tumbled jemstones and crystals as a tool to connect your conscious thoughts with your body while healing subconscious programming with the power of crystal healing.

You experience true healing when choosing a mala that is programmed with a specific intention for transformation.

Shop our selection of Energy Charged Bracelets

Shop our Selection of Hand-Made Energy Charged Bracelets intuitively designed with an intention.

Each bracelet is made of natural, tumbled gemstones and crystals as a tool, each designed with a specific intention for healing and transformation.

Do you want support in figuring out what’s the best healing modality for you?

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