How Platinum Light Healing became what it is?

Thomas Burns

September 26, 2021


When was the last time that other’s experiences led you to make decisions that transform your entire life or at least the way you see it?.

You can agree with me or maybe not, but life has unexplained ways to guide us to the next step to take in our personal journey; even if you aren’t aware of that, things will happen for your evolution.

Well, I witnessed how life pushed me into unexpected experiences, allowing me to find out my mission in this present life a year ago. Everything started with a guided meditation, not any meditation but a past life regression one!. Yeah, it might sound a bit controversial to discuss something that doesn’t have any logical or scientific reference.

But, who believes in a past life? And especially how can you be hundred per cent sure that past life experiences might not be just a result of our imagination?

Past life regression, ever heard of it? Have you ever experienced it? What do you make of it?

I can answer those questions, within my limited understanding of such things, even though my experience with it really kick-started the decision to make energetic healing my life’s vocation.

Everything began two nights before receiving my first-ever Reiki session, I was sent a link by my daughter of a guided past life regression meditation by Dr Brian Weiss. (there’s a 37-minute version on multiple streaming platforms, find one without ads for a seamless experience if you are interested). She had tried it and conveyed her experience to both my wife and I. In her past life meditation, she was able to recall that she was a gifted woman with knowledge of the land, herbal remedies, charms, and blessings in her past life. In other words, she practiced magic. She was apprehended and placed in a very dark cell, held captive and hung by her hands in a place of torment and torture. She recalls telling a man, her captor, that she would never divulge any of her secrets to him…. The rest of that story is hers to tell.

The whole family started diving into Past Life Regression!

My wife did the same meditation and found herself on the African Plains, with a small tribe of people, she being the wise person and decision maker of the tribe, one would say the matriarch of the tribe. Even my 11 years old son decided to do the meditation and he found himself in the age of Vikings, aboard a ship with much drama and disaster that ensued.


My Wife Janette O’Neil Burns – Mama, Wife, Birth Coach, Doula, Energy Lover.

Should I also try it? Even if I don’t believe in such things…

So I decided to give it a shot, albeit being quite skeptical, and finding it almost comedic. I decided it was worth my while to give it an honest try and not be opinionated or extend my doubts into the experience itself. I recall breathing deeply and allowing myself to relax and settle into the meditation. As the meditation went deeper into its intensive purpose, I began to see things. At one point in the meditation, he asks you to look at yourself and describe what you see. As I looked down at myself, my first thought was that I was covered in light, but as I continued to observe, I realized that I was the light. I was a light being, a platinum colored light being.

And the word, “Primordial,” rang in my ears, by some mysterious voice from the unknown dimension I found my consciousness to be in. I was astounded, to say the least. When I looked up from my body, I saw another light being approaching me, standing over me. It said, “Finally! – We’ve been waiting for you,” and I continued to follow the other light being, until the guided meditation brought me back to this time and this space awareness. This was the first account where platinum was a core contribution to the founding of the name Platinum Light Healing.


Reiki, a message from the source that transformed my life! 

After following a series of instructions, and listening intently to the Energy Master, she transmitted to me that I am to summon and work with Platinum Light, not to be confused with white Source light.

The platinum colour is significant to me, and I would find out later, and there was only so much she could help me with, as the rest would be up to me to discover with my spirit guides and gifts. She told me that she had never come across anyone like me in her years of practice, with the hundreds of people that she works on every year. Even she compared me and my gifts in the realm of energy work as a Hollywood’s Superstar. Also, she emphasised that it was extremely rare for her to meet someone of my calibre and level of energy contribution. I was astounded and had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. But! I felt different, something had shifted inside of me, and it was my mission to discover what that was.

The third time the colour platinum came to me, was while I was in a state of deep meditation, just a week after the first 2 events. I was told how to use the platinum light as a modality for healing, using a specific method of gestures, intent, and visualizations to enhance the energetic healing for myself and others. I listened to this voice, and followed it’s instructions.

This is how Platinum Light Healing was created. The name was given to me, from beyond myself, and I accepted the invitation to use it.

Meet the Author

Thomas Burns

Reiki Healer, Teacher, Audio Engineer, Life Coach

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