Meditation is Medicine

Thomas Burns

September 13, 2021


Meditation is Medicine.  This idea, this concept has been around in the Western World for a number of decades, but in other traditions, this concept is as old as known human origins.  Quiet contemplation and how deep meditation can allow someone to connect is as old as humankind.  Science is now teaching us that meditation is a connection to a greater field consciousness or source of energy, and using that energy can allow many incredible things to happen.  Meditating can; reduce stress, keep anxiety in check, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, increase attention span, may reduce age-related memory loss, it can generate kindness, can help fight addictions, improves sleeping, helps control pain, and can decrease blood pressure.  Self-healing seems to be common in most of these scientific observations, but the one that is not mentioned, and is probably the most difficult to observe scientifically, is the sense that practitioners gain a relationship or understanding with something greater than themselves. It has been noted time and time again by millions of people, that meditation can be the bridge that connects the individual to the divine Source.  That Source can come as many different names in societal norms, such as: God, Source, Divine, Energy, Universe, Krishna, Yahweh, Allah, etc… The list of names is endless, but the results are the same.  


Reiki Master – Thomas E. Burns

Some people not only report having an intimate divine connection to their Source, but they also report other amazing encounters while meditating.  It is possible to heal oneself, and to heal others. It is possible to receive genuine communication, typically in the form of advice, support or guidance from Source.  It is possible to gain clarity and purpose for oneself on a much higher or greater, more spiritual level, than that offered by the material or commercialized modern world. 

Some people have reported that meditating can allow one to enter into the astral realm.  This is the realm where space and time do not exist, and it is entirely possible to travel to any space or place in the universe, and in other dimensions, as fast as the speed of thought. This ability brings a whole new aspect to reality, living, and an understanding of the world, the universe and one’s reason for being here in the present moment.  It is possible to encounter other, enlightened, spiritual, multi-dimensional, or holy beings.  Some could call them by a number of names; interdimensionales, extra terrestrials, angels, deities, light beings, source energies, spirits, and so on.  Some say that all of these entities and beings are very separate, and distinguished in difference by their interactions and in communication.  People have reported communicating with loved ones that have passed away, or historical people that have moved on.  There are no limits to the Energetic possibilities, aside from those we place upon ourselves.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to meditate. Go easy on yourself and give it a try.  I have never had a negative experience meditating, not one.  You have nothing to lose, and a whole new view of the universe to explore! 

Meet the Author

Thomas Burns

Reiki Healer, Teacher, Audio Engineer, Life Coach

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